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Giveaway items

From Narrow Gate

  • 6 Pack of assorted Kombucha (random selection)

  • Selection of 3 Krauts and/or Kimchis (random selection)

  • 3 Pack of Fruit Leather

    Narrow Gate T-shirt

    Narrow Gate Kitchen pack: Wooden spoon, cutting board and apron

Over $200 in value!

From Grand North Bison

Grand North Bison will provide our winner with a 1/4 Bulk Bison Bundle! 

But what is in the bundle?

  • 6 pounds of T-bone Steaks     

  • 5 pounds of Rib Steaks

  • 5 pounds of Ribs

  • 25 pounds of Assorted Roasts

  • 39 pounds of Ground

Over $1400 in value!

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*Important Notice*

We want to emphasize that both Narrow Gate Foods and Grand North Bison will never request any personal information from our esteemed customers. Your privacy and security are our top priorities.

If you win, we will notify you via email at info@grandnorthbison.ca to claim your prize. Please be cautious of any social media messages claiming to be from us. We will not contact the winner until after the closing date (June 30th, 2022). Once the giveaway has been claimed, we will send an email to all participants announcing the winner.

*This giveaway is open to Ontario residents only*

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