Non-Compliance & Cancellation Policy

Non-Compliance & Cancellation Policy:

Red Meat Processing:

  1. Excessively Dirty Carcasses: Carcasses that are excessively dirty upon arrival will be subject to a $30 clean-up fee, as determined by our staff.
  2. Cut Sheets Submission: Cut sheets must be handed in before or filled out at the time of animal drop off. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a $25 fee.
  3. Condemned Animals: In the event that an animal is condemned, a composting fee of $100 will be applied.
  4. Weight Limit for Pork: For safety reasons, pork weighing over 400 lbs will not be accepted upon arrival, and customers are requested not to bring them to our facility.

Poultry Processing:

  1. Feed Withdrawal: Prior to slaughter, ensure that no feed is provided to birds for at least 12 hours to empty their crops. Birds with feed in their crops will be charged according to the rates specified above. However, birds must still have access to clean water during the food withdrawal period.
  2. Use of Chicken Crates: Customers are required to bring in chickens in proper chicken crates to facilitate safe and efficient processing. Please avoid overcrowding the crates for the welfare of the animals.
  3. Extra Birds: If customers bring in more birds than originally booked, they will be charged at double the normal slaughter fee.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made less than 1 week from the scheduled date of slaughter will incur a charge equivalent to half of the slaughter fee.

Note: This policy applies to all customers and clients utilizing our red meat and poultry processing services. The outlined charges and rules have been implemented to ensure the safety, efficiency, and fair treatment of both customers and staff. We appreciate your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines. For any further questions or clarifications, please contact the abattoir.