• Quality and Safety

    At Northorizon Abattoir, quality and safety are at the forefront of our operations. Whether it's poultry or red meat processing, our facility adheres strictly to industry standards, and we continuously invest in modernization to deliver the best products possible.

  • Community Values

    As proud members of the farming community, we are committed to supporting local farmers and contributing to the growth of our region. Your trust in our services drives us to excel and strengthens our community bonds.

  • Reliable Service

    Our efficient and knowledgeable staff oversee both poultry and red meat processing with equal dedication, ensuring top-notch results. We handle your products with care and precision, providing a consistent level of excellence.

  • Convenience

    We understand the value of your time, and that's why Northorizon Abattoir provides a convenient one-stop solution for all your processing needs. Experience a seamless journey with prompt service, as we are dedicated to making your experience with us as smooth as possible.

Our Prices

  • Beef

    Slaughter with Disposal: $200.00

    Out Whole (Extra Charge): $25.00

    SRM Disposal (Extra Charge): $25.00

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  • Pork

    Slaughter: $85.00

    Colored Slaughter: $100.00

    Over 300lbs (Extra Charge): $20.00

    Out Whole (Extra Charge): $20.00

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  • Lamb & Goat

    Slaughter + Cut & Wrapped: $140.00

    Slaughter + Out Whole: $90.00

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  • Cutting & Packaging

    Cut & Wrapped: $1.20/lbs

    Vac-Packed (Extra Charge): $0.25/lbs

    Retail Ready: 1.75/lbs

    Hanging over 5 days: $2.50 a roller/Day

    Freezer Storage over 5 days: $5.00 an animal/Day

  • Chicken (Priced per Bird)

    Slaughter: $6.50

    Vac Packed: $0.50

    Pieced Chicken: $2.00

    Weight / Priced: $0.50

    Full Crops: $1.00

    Kept Organs ect: $1.00

  • Turkey (Priced per Bird)

    Slaughter: $14.00

    Full Crops: $1.00

    Kept Organs ect: $1.00

    All Turkey over 18lbs will be charged an extra $0.50 per lbs over

    Non-Compliance & Cancellation Policy

    Please review our policies before booking your animals