• Beef

    Slaughter with Disposal: $200.00

    Out Whole (Additional Charge): $25.00

    SRM Disposal (Additional Charge): $25.00

  • Pork

    Slaughter: $85.00

    Colored Slaughter: $100.00

    Over 300lbs (Additional Charge): $20.00

    Out Whole (Additional Charge): $20.00

  • Lamb & Goat

    Slaughter + Cut & Wrapped: $140.00

    Slaughter + Out Whole: $90.00

  • Cutting & Packaging

    Cut & Wrapped: $1.20/lbs

    Vac-Packed (Additional Charge): $0.25/lbs

    Retail Ready: 1.75/lbs

    Hanging over 5 days: $2.50 a roller/Day

    Freezer Storage over 5 days: $5.00 an animal/Day

  • Important Non-Compliance Fees:

    • Excessively dirty carcasses will be charged a $30 clean up fee as deemed necessary by our staff.
    • Cut sheets need to be handed in before or filled out at the time of animal drop off. A $25 fee will be assessed for non-compliance to this.
    • If an animal is condemned, there is a composting fee of $100.
    • Pork over 400lbs WILL be turned away upon arrival. For the safety of our staff, please do not bring them to us.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations less than 1 week from the date of slaughter will be assessed half of the livestock slaughter charge.