Welcome to Grand North Bison!

We take great pride in offering high-quality bison meat that is raised on our farm located in the Northern Ontario town of Desbarats.

Our commitment to excellence starts with the care and well-being of our bison, who roam freely on natural grasses and are never subjected to antibiotics or hormones. This natural and sustainable approach results in lean and exceptionally flavorful meat that your customers will savor.

Our wide selection of bison cuts includes ground bison, steaks, and roasts, ensuring there's something for every culinary need. Whether you're a restaurant, retailer, grocer, or butcher, our bison provides a healthier and tastier alternative to traditional beef. It's an opportunity to offer your customers a unique and flavorful addition to their menu or shelves.

Why Choose Grand North Bison?

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We understand that every business has specific requirements, and we are here to accommodate your needs. To explore our pricing and availability, please reach out to us at info@grandnorthbison.ca or fill out the form below. Our dedicated staff will promptly get in touch with you, providing all the information you require.