Our Family Legacy

Welcome to our family farm. With a strong commitment to hard work and a shared love for bison,  our farm has grown into one of the largest bison farms in Eastern Canada. 

I'm John Karhi. Along with my wife Amy, we are the proud owners of our home and farm, and I'm thrilled to share our story with you.

How it All Started

Back in the 1940s, my grandparents, Hilda and Reino, made a courageous move from Finland to Southern Ontario. They found each other, fell in love, and set their sights on creating a home on this farm. With hard work and determination, they turned their dreams into reality.

Passing the Torch

Fast forward a few years and my father, Kalevi Karhi, came into the picture. Growing up on this farm, he learned the value of perseverance and the importance of hard work and providing for family. In the late 1960s, Kalevi took over the reins of the business, dedicating himself to operating a dairy farm that had become a way of life and an integral part of our daily lives. Running a dairy farm is a 24 hour, seven day a week commitment.

My Story Begins

My father found my mother Tuula who shared the same work ethic and our family grew to five siblings–a sister, three brothers, and myself. Laughter and adventure were always in abundance. We worked hard, we supported one another through thick and thin, and memories of our childhood growing up on the farm have made us who we are today.

Embarking on a Fresh Adventure

Then, in 1995, fate threw us a curveball. My brother Jim casually mentioned that he wanted a bison as a pet. Little did we know that this innocent comment would ignite a spark of curiosity within me and pave the way for an incredible journey.

Embracing a Bison Legacy

We decided to move full time into raising bison in 2001, ending an era as a dairy operation. As the bison herd grew from 400 bison in 2013 to roughly 800 bison in 2020, we knew it was time to make a commitment to the industry and purchased an abattoir. We knew that quality of meat would be ensured from pasture to plate and the abattoir took us to that next important step. 

Where We Are Today

Is running a business and managing a farm an easy life? For sure it is difficult at times but it is also rewarding to be able to provide a quality product to consumers.

On behalf of my family, we look forward to the coming years as we continue to grow and meet the demand for high quality bison meat.