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Grand North Bison

XL Bison Cross Rib Roast Bundle

XL Bison Cross Rib Roast Bundle

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Introducing the XL Bison Cross Rib Roast Bundle by Grand North Bison—an opportunity to savor the exceptional flavors of bison Cross Rib roast like never before.

Within this bundle, you'll unveil 10 pounds of bison Cross Rib Roast—a versatile cut that beckons to be prepared in your favorite culinary styles. Whether slow-cooked to tender perfection, roasted with aromatic herbs, or braised for a rich and succulent experience, these bison Cross Rib Roasts invite you to explore a world of taste possibilities.

Imagine the fork-tender goodness of each slice. Envision the natural, robust flavors that only bison meat can deliver. With the XL Bison Cross Rib Roast Bundle, you're not just acquiring meat; you're embracing a journey into exceptional dining.

Picture the Cross Rib roast browning in the oven, the aroma filling your kitchen and igniting your appetite. Think of the moments it will create around your table, the shared enjoyment of a meticulously prepared meal.

The XL Bison Cross Rib Roast Bundle is your ticket to culinary innovation. Elevate your cooking skills, relish the remarkable flavors of bison meat, and transform every meal into a celebration of taste.

This isn't just a cut of meat; it's an invitation to craft culinary marvels. Ready to unlock the potential? Order the XL Bison Cross Rib Roast Bundle today and let your culinary exploration begin.

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  • Lean and Nutrient-Rich

    Bison meat is known for its exceptional nutritional profile. It is naturally lean, low in fat, and high in protein, making it a healthy choice for your diet. Packed with essential nutrients like iron, zinc, and B vitamins, bison meat provides a delicious and nutrient-rich option for a balanced lifestyle

  • Sustainable and Ethical

    Choosing bison meat means supporting sustainable and ethical practices. Bison are raised on open pastures, grazing on natural grasses, which helps preserve the land and ecosystem. They require minimal intervention and thrive in their natural habitat. By opting for bison, you contribute to the welfare of these majestic animals and the environment.

  • Free from Antibiotics and Hormones

    Our commitment to your well-being drives us to raise our bison without the use of antibiotics or hormones. We believe in providing you with meat that is pure and untainted by artificial additives. By opting for bison, you can savor the peace of mind that comes with knowing your food is free from unwanted chemicals.

Bison: Your Path to a Healthier You!

Discover your perfect balance with Bison, a healthier and more flavorful meat. Lean, nutrient-packed, and delectable, Elevate your meals with this wholesome option that exceeds expectations for both taste and its health benefits.


How long does it take to receive my order?

We strive to process and ship your order as quickly as possible. Typically, orders are shipped within 1 week from when your order is placed. Once shipped, the estimated delivery time is usually 2-3 business days. Please note that delivery times may vary depending on your location and any unforeseen circumstances.

How is the meat packaged for shipping?

We take utmost care in packaging your bison meat to ensure it arrives in excellent condition. Our packaging includes insulated liners and dry ice to maintain the proper temperature during transit. This is matched with our meat being packaged in vacuum sealed packaging to ensure the freshness and quality of the meat when it reaches your doorstep.

Do you provide tracking information for shipped orders?

Yes, we provide tracking information for all shipped orders. Once your order is processed and shipped, we will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number. You can use this number to track the progress of your shipment and stay updated on its estimated delivery date.

For all Local Deliveries, one of our staff will keep you up to date on the status of your order and will contact you prior to the delivery.

What regions do you ship to?

We currently ship our bison meat to any where in Ontario. We are working to expand our shipping capabilities and reach more locations to serve our customers better.